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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How safe is it compared to Seresto? I've read that Seresto flea and tick collars are linked to 2,500 deaths and increased chances of cancer for dogs. Are there any traces of chemicals in this product?
Since its 2020 launch, over 1 million units of the Aegis Bug Off Clip have been sold in Korea, receiving superior reviews compared to Seresto. Unlike Seresto, the Aegis Bug Off Clip contains NO chemicals and is made with all-natural ingredients, including citronella and white peppermint oils. I tried Seresto before and it made my poor dog sick.
Q2: How long does it last?
It lasts up to 60 days in open air. If you store it in a zip-lock when not in use, you can use them for longer. Even after it’s expired, you can still keep it on. Since it is so cute, people will ask what they are! They may say “Is this a GPS?”
Q3: Is this safe to use?
This product is approved by EPA (Environment Protection Agency) as an exemption. It takes quite a lot of money and a long time to get approved. This is why there aren’t that many flea and tick-repellent products. Don’t buy products without a “FIFRA EXEMPT STATEMENT” OR “EPA REGISTRATION NUMBER” OR “EPA LOT NUMBER”.
Q4: Does it repel only fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes?
It repels other bugs like ants as shown in the video. Our product only REPELS. It is not recommended to use on already infected dogs.
Q5: What is the repellent rate?
The repellent rate against mosquitoes is 72%. Against fleas is 70%. Against ticks is 60%. The repellent rate is tested in a reputable University laboratory in Korea.
Q6: Is this better than flea & tick collars?
Flea & tick collars contain harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in dogs. I had a friend whose dog got cancer from it.
Q7: Is this better than flea & tick spray?
Flea & tick sprays may or may not contain harsh chemicals. Either way, it causes wet hairs and unpleasant touch feeling on dogs.
Q8: Is this better than Topical?
Topical ointments like K9, FRONTLINE, etc contain harsh chemicals that may cause small problems like hair loss, and skin burns, leading to serious and lethal side effects. They are recommended to use on already infected dogs
Q9: Are there any precautions for use?
Our product is a preventive measure. Use it to prevent bugs from your dogs. It is not recommended to use on already infected dogs.
Q10: Is it required to place the clip on the back of the neck? My dog likes to run around inside our home without his collar. Where else can I put it?
It is not! For collars/harnesses, you may attach it anywhere around them. You can also use this as a diffuser by placing a couple around your home. It will provide the same range of coverage and efficiency.
Q11: My dog is a BIG one (80lbs.) and I was wondering how many clips I should use likes to walk around outside a lot.
For any camping or activities in naturally dense environments, I would say at least two or more clips are suggested. I also have 90 lbs. Rottweiler and I attach 3 clips just to be safe whenever we go out jogging in the woods.
Q12: Any more questions?
If you have any further questions about our product, please get in touch with us at: and we'd be happy to answer your questions!

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